Creative Mentoring

Do you have a project you are birthing or midway working on?

A dream that you are trying to get from your head to the page?

Or perhaps from the page out into the world?

Do you need some creative accountability or a sounding board?

Individual Online Creative Mentorship

For over a decade Joel has been journeying alongside people in all stages of their creative endeavours. The mentoring packages below can therefore be focussed accordingly. Anything from finding inspiration, to helping you develop your creative project to completion, to marketing your work or making a career out of your creativity. Alternatively, if you have no idea what you need, but you know you need 'something', then this conversation can happen to. 

Mentoring Bronze
Mentoring Silver

If you would REALLY love some mentoring, but simply cannot afford it in these trying times, then please email me and lets see if we can work out a deal of some type.

Mentoring Gold


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